Analytical Microscopy

The ChARM analytical microscopy suite houses a Zeiss Axioskop microscope (Differential Interference Contrast, fluorescence, video) and a Biovision Laser Spinning Disk Confocal System. The confocal system includes a Nikon Eclipse Ti-S/L 100 Inverted Microscope (DIC, Halogen/Metal Halide Source, 100x/1.4 Plan Apo, 60X/1.4 Plan Apo, and 10X/0.3 Plan Fluor objectives), CSU-X1 Yokogawa Confocal Scanner Unit (microlens spinning disk), laser lines 491nm, 561nm, and 642nm, CSNAP HQ2-M-FW-14 cooled Confocal scope w Maryam crop 2018 Jancamera, controlled with Metamorph software.