The Thermo Scientific ITQ 1100 gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer, features advanced mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry functions, pulsed positive ion negative ion/chemical ionization, and quantitation and spectral consistency range to the femtogram level, allowing identification and quantification of a wide range of compounds in studies of biochemistry, metabolomics, eco-toxicity, biomarkers in the geosphere and ambient environment, organic pollutants and many others.

Features of our ITQ 1100 include:

  • NIST Mass Spectral Library
  • Unit mass resolution throughout the mass range 10 to 1100 amu in full scan mode
  • Both positive and negative chemical ionization modes supported; digital reagent gas flow control ensures method stability and reproducibility
  • MSn with ACE and PQD
  • Automated Collision Energy (ACE): Automatically calculates an estimated optimal collision energy based on product ion m/z and damping gas flow rates; runs at three energies across each scan
  • Pulsed Q Dissociation Mode (PQD): Generates information-rich mass spectral data, even in the low mass range; produces precise, reproducible fragmentation
  • Restore system performance, change from EI to Cl or use the direct sample probe without venting the instrument using the Vacuum Probe Interlock
  • Independently controlled heating from 125° to 300°C for stable operation and excellent chromatographic integrity
  • Automatic gain control ensures that the ion trap is always filled with the optimum number of ions
  • Post-acceleration +10kV conversion dynode offers efficient positive and negative ion detection